For decades now, the creative profession has paired talent with complementary skill sets, maintaining that the collaboration generates more effective ideas and executions. We concur. 51 Eggs embraces that model in bringing together its two partners, Nate Manny and Steve Hawley. Each brings unique skills, experiences and perspectives, but along with those talents, a shared system of beliefs and a knack for leveraging each others’ strengths.

While our team is more often than not supplemented with like-minded specialists when needed, Nate and Steve remain the constants in all of our client partnerships. 

Nate Manny

Nate is a designer by trade. There is a quality, a certain feeling that comes with his work. It’s an invitation to realize anew the power of the human experience—and a brand’s ability to forge meaningful connections in people’s lives. In everything Nate creates there’s deep intention, considered craft and a touch of that elusive thing you can’t quite name but know when you see it. And when you feel it. Substantial yet refined. Rooted yet romantic. Knowing yet open. It is a rare talent many call artfulness. Nate’s approach has been developed over the course 15 years in the practice of branding and design, a journey that began with a BA in Fine Arts from Evergreen State College. After graduating, Nate poured his creative energy into to his band, The Murder City Devils. Together, they released four studio albums on Seattle’s Sub Pop Records, touring nationally and internationally for stadium and festival crowds. After thousands of miles, Nate put down his guitar and returned his focus to design.

Nate has operated his own design studio focused on creating authentic branding experiences and package design, served as creative director for two brands, helped launch three bars, and developed branding, packaging and marketing solutions for global brands including Pepsi, Microsoft, BMW, Samsung, Sephora, KEEN and Starbucks.

Steve Hawley

Steve has never been well-suited to a formal job title. If you asked teams that he’s worked with what his role is, they’d say it’s some odd combination of strategy guru, choreographer, default photographer and head coach. It’s this willingness to get his hands in the dirt of the creative process that makes Steve so good at what he does. His style and passion for brands and his clients makes him a key part of the creative collaboration. He brings new ideas and perspectives, focuses creativity and always keeps an eye on solving business problems. After over 15 years in the marketing and communications industry, it’s his portfolio of work that impresses more so than his Rolodex. Steve brings a unique ability to manage integrated projects of all types across multiple platforms and an uncanny ability to organize strategic thinking.

Steve has curated, revitalized and built brands from the ground up. In senior roles on both the agency and client sides of the business, he’s had the opportunity to manage business and strategy for some of the world's top brands alongside some of the industry's best creative talent. Some of those brands include Pepsi, HBO, Nike, Microsoft, Google, JanSport, Palm, Pacifico Beer, Westland Distillery, Morgans Hotel Group, Starbucks, adidas, HP, Sutter Home Winery, Rainier Beer, E&J Gallo, Pabst Brewing and Carlo Rossi Winery (for which he won gold at the One Show and a Gold Effie Award).