Authenticity and depth have more value than sheer volume and repetition. The most successful and enduring brands are those connected to a larger, more meaningful human truth. A truth that allows us to relate to the broader idea behind a venture. Branding is the discipline that links this commercial pursuit to the human experience. Expressed in language, images and most importantly action, branding has the power to not only reveal and articulate the ethos of a brand, but continually shape it.

Brands are living things. They require stewardship, renewed energy and the ongoing expression of ideals and vision. Done well it leads to customer devotion, animates culture and promotes ideas. But an idea is only as big as the distance you can travel with it and the depth of meaning you can give to it.

51 Eggs is a branding practice dedicated to designing, sustaining and advancing brands that are seeking to embark on this journey. We are architects of ideas and custodians of principles, engaged with our clients in a diligent pursuit of the meaningful experiences that define great brands.