How We Work

Our process sets the course for a brand’s journey. It involves more than simply creating a logo, an ad or a website. It builds a distinctive ecosystem in which all of these pieces work together to create something compelling and meaningful.

Each brand calls for a different solution and each partner a unique approach. For established brands we offer a fresh perspective and an opportunity to reimagine the manifestation of an original or renewed vision. For new brands, we serve as co-creators at the inception of an endeavor. Regardless of the situation, what leads to success is a shared sensibility. We work best with people that:

1)   Believe in the power of branding

2)   Bring both vision and conviction

3)   Revel in the details

4)   Take a long-term perspective

5)   Have the courage to crack the extra egg

Our partnerships begin with a mutual commitment to the broader development and expression of an idea, and then with a simple conversation. What comes next is unique to each client. Our model offers an alternative to a traditional formula that doesn’t work for many of today’s brands. You won’t find the well-trod list of standard services here. Nor will the first thing you receive be an impersonal scope of work outlining a canned process priced to underwrite a bloat of overhead. The results of our early collaborations reveal the path forward.

Branding is as much about the journey as it is the destination. After building the foundation, our ongoing role is to evolve and cultivate the brand in partnership with you and your team. Together, we’ll seek out opportunities to develop the character of the brand through initiatives that address ongoing needs of the business.

Another core function of 51 Eggs is to assemble the appropriate team for each job. We maintain a network of senior level strategic and creative talent—specialists from every discipline that our clients pay for only when they’re needed. In our experience, we’ve all found that remaining independent is not only better for our specialists, but ultimately better for the work.